How Does Magic Jack Work Without A Computer?

by Director of Intergalactic Communications and Marketing on November 1, 2012

Magic Jack Plus

There has been some discussion on some forums about using Magic Jack to make phone calls internationally. Some of the responses indicate there may be some confusion about how the gadget works.

A computer is NOT needed, but internet connection IS needed. If hooked to the internet via a computer, the computer does not have to be powered up for Magic Jack Plus to work.

Magic Jack Plus lets you use the unit with or without a computer. Without a computer you plug the magic jack usb into a power plug adapter and plug in a ethernet cable from either a router or directly from a modem. If you want to use a computer you just plug the usb into the computer and do not have to use the direct ethernet connection.

You should also have an understanding of your home network. There may be times that you’ll have to reboot your modem and router to clear up problems.

Don’t forget, when you loose power, you lose your internet connection, and your phone.

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