Sun Eruption May Screw Up Cell Phones, GPS, and Other Gadgets

by Director of Intergalactic Communications and Marketing on December 29, 2011

A giant solar flare could cause some inconveniences for the people of Earth the rest of the week.

Monday, the sun ejected a coronal mass – a huge eruption of solar plasma. The blast from the Sun will be hitting the earth through Saturday.

According to if the eruption is strong enough it could interrupt radio frequencies, power grids, GPS and phone signals.

“Coronal Mass Ejections from the last few days may cause isolated periods of G1 (Minor) Geomagnetic Storm Activity on December 28-29,” the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Center wrote in an update. “R1 (Minor) radio blackouts are expected until 31 December.”

Experts say the sun’s increased activity is part of an 11-year cyclical pattern, according to


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